NORDIC SLIDER in Markt Oberstaufen

since the begin of winter season 2005/2006 a NORDIC SLIDER CROSS COUNTRY (NSX) works in Markt Oberstaufen, please refer to further references...

Idea contest GENIUS 2005

On the 02nd of december 2005 NORDIC SLIDER got an Innovation award GENIUS 2005, doped with 1000 €

"GEWINN Jungunternehmerwettbewerb 2004" Contest of jung businessman from magazine GEWINN

On the 16th of december 2004 NORDIC SLIDER was the winner in category "Idea of the year" , doped wiht 5000 €

"NÖ Gewerbepreis" business contest of federal state Lower Austria

On the 14th of oktober 2004 NORDIC SLIDER achieved -per unanimously decision of the 30 persons Jury -the 1st place doped with 6000 € in the category business and handcraft